The sky is everywhere 

I remember the day after mum told us she had cancer

Wildfires had broke out

The sky was red, the air,

pure smoke

It was as if the world had erupted 

And the apocalypse had started
Me and ryan kicked the ball back and forth, not talking 

Our eyes stinging from the smog

While I couldn’t run from what was happening

I could insist on staying out 
The day before she died the skies were white

The streets were deserted

And the drive to the hospital

pure silence 

I had seen her eyes wide with fear

Gasping for air 

Like a deer caught in headlights 

And was hoping 

Just hoping

That wouldn’t be the last time I’d get to see them
The next few months, the sky was black

And nowhere was safe 

My body lay slack on my bedroom floor

Laying to waste

My sister begging me to hold on

While the rest of the world kept on keeping on

I dropped out of school

Dropped out of life

Father crying why can’t you just get up
But Dad I don’t have legs anymore

My arms do not work

The daughter you have raised

Was no longer herself 

She is broken

In a world, that promised so much 

Instead she was given barely enough 
It’s been a year and I now live in a place where the sky is always blue

And though I have lost, I have grown something anew 

The sun still shines

And it will continue to shine on

My mum is the sun

And the sun you cannot lose
Its rays hug the ground and kiss every sea 

And while sometimes it rains

The sun never leaves

Sure there are clouds 

but the world is stripped bare 

Because my mum is the sun 

And the sky is everywhere 

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Retail therapy

There is nothing more relieving 
Then finding a chair

After hours of 

Shopping ’till I drop 


Retail Therapy, 

My ass

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Note to self 

Not everybody is a early bird like you
Normal people don’t enjoy
Riveting conversation 
First thing in the morning

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The Trumpet

The flute
The clarinet
Heck, even the sax

Instead I chose
To give my family
A daily heart attack

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My wish

I want an IV line
Hooked up to me
So I can have
Butternut squash soup
Fed straight into
My blood stream

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What if

What if
One day
I just didn’t
Go to school
Had the time
To do what I
Want to do

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The waiting room

Nothing more relaxing
Than waiting in a waiting room
Listening to the soothing sound of
Willow Smith
Whip her hair back and forth

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